Asian Amerian & Pacific Islander Heritage Month



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Town Hall Meeting on Housing Needs

How much housing does

California REALLY need?


Between 2023 and 2031

Palo Alto will be required to build more than

6000 housing units

Every eight years the State tries to assess how much housing California needs.  But questions have been raised about “double-counting” in the new State methodology.

If you want to understand the impact this will have on YOU -- watch the video of the Town Hall presentation by Gab Layton, President and Co-founder of the Embarcadero Institute.

As I mention at the end of the presentation, Assembly member Janet Nguyen has introduced AB-1258 which would make the HUD (Housing and Urban Development) determination of RHNA numbers subject to judicial review. Here are links to two letters of support to Assembly member Nguyen, one from me and one from the Association of California Cities - Orange County.  Your support of this bill would help.

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Town Hall on Single Family Neighborhoods

Single Family Neighborhoods are Under Attack


What will Senate Bill SB9 do to your neighborhood?

What will Senate Bill SB10 do to your democratic rights?

State legislators are usurping local control of zoning

Join us and hear Maria and Jeff Kalban answer these questions and describe how SoCal neighbors are fighting these bills. 

Watch the Town Hall Meeting


Hosted by Palo Alto Councilmember Lydia Kou

The future of your lifestyle and how you live

is on the line in Sacramento.



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Council Resolution and Upcoming Agenda

Resolution of the Council of the City of Palo Alto Expressing Support for Actions to Further Strengthen Local Democracy, Authority, and Control as Related to Local Zoning and Housing Issues HAS PASSED with a 6-1 vote (Council Member Alison Cormack dissenting). You can read the full resolution here.

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Development Projects

I have been tracking developments, and since we are getting more development projects, I would like to share with you a current list of the projects. I did not have time to include all the specifics and at what point they are in development. I will update it more, however for now, please know these are developments that are in contemplation or approved by the City.

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City Staff Recommendation: Increase Population

On the September 14th, 2020 meeting during the Verbal Update and Possible Direction to Staff on COVID-19 related to Business Recovery Efforts, the City Staff presented the Long-Term and Large-Scale Recovery Strategies on slide 20 to –

  1. Increase local customer base by growing the city’s population and by planning for more walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods with housing, retail, and services (e.g., NVCAP, Downtown Plan, El Camino Real, etc.)
  2. Support experience retail through destinations and place marking in downtown and other shopping districts.
  3. Retain major employers, producers, and start-ups to continue drawing workers to Palo Alto.

To watch City Staff comments, here is the link at (starts at 4:02:04), the long term strategies which the City Manager proposes growing Palo Alto’s populations and consideration to adjust ground floor retail preservation.