Accessory Dwelling Units (aka "Granny Units")

Do you support zoning changes to enable the creation of additional second units, such as reduced minimum lot size, removal of parking requirements? If so, which ones? How do we ensure these units don’t simply become short-term (Airbnb-type) rentals?

Before the City decides what changes to make, it needs to decide on its strategy.

  1. Is it to provide units for people at particular income levels, or
  2. Is it to provide units for certain categories of people, or
  3. Is it simply to increase the number of housing units

(1) is impractical – it would require the equivalent of rent control and enforcement to keep prospective tenants from agreeing to pay extra rent under the table. (2) is almost certainly illegal and thus unenforceable.

Many advocates for more ADUs hope that they would be occupied by people who won't have cars. If an ADU is allowed under that assumption, how is it to be enforced? The landlord has an incentive (potentially higher rent) to help the tenant cheat. Similarly, the City can't enforce occupancy limits on residences.

The approval of additional ADUs needs to be based upon them providing a specified positive contribution to the community and that enforcement mechanisms need to be credible, funded and staffed.

By the way, I do hear residents who have said they want ADUs for a member in the family who may have some disability but wants some independence and I understand that. However as I said before, there must be enforcement mechanisms in place for those who have other intentions which can and will cause negative impacts in the neighborhood.

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