Make Palo Alto Count!

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To ensure our FAIR representation at the State House, in the US Congress & our FAIR share of over $926B of Federal + State aid.

 Please Complete your U.S. CENSUS

Complete it once for your entire household.




FILL OUT & MAIL: your paper 2020 Census form, if you got one

CALL: 1-844-330-2020 (English) or 1-844-468-2020 (Spanish)


US Census enumerators – census takers – will be knocking on the doors of those who have not completed their census beginning August 11th

Here’s how to identify a US Census Employee:

  • A Census worker will have an ID badge that includes their name, their photograph, a Department of Commerce watermark and an expiration date. If they do not show it to you, you may ask to see it and examine it carefully.
  • They will also have an official bag and a Census bureau issued laptop or Smartphone bearing the Census Bureau logo.
  • They’ll be working from 9am – 9pm

 Watch out for US Census scams

Here’s what to watch out for, courtesy of the AARP Census Scams webpage:

  • A scammer may contact you by phone, email, mail or even a home visit. You may also be directed to phony websites. Don’t trust caller ID as that has been scammed too.
  • You may be told this is an official call or email by these government imposters who depend on your respect for governmental authority and trust to scam you.
  • No genuine census worker will ask you for your Social Security, credit card or bank account number or when you leave for or return from work or home or ask for money or threaten you with jail time if you don’t answer their questions.
  • Any of the above questions or actions is a sure sign that a scammer is posing as a census taker and is looking for ways to steal your identity, money or possessions.

BEST THING TO DO – Don’t give them any information. JUST HANG UP or CLOSE THE DOOR.

No need to carry on a conversation or be polite - they don’t deserve your time.