Climate change

Would you advocate performance improvements to Palo Alto’s climate action plan and what would those changes be? 
What else should Palo Alto do to reduce greenhouse gas generation?

Palo Alto has been working on a comprehensive Sustainability and Climate Action plan and I would want to see it completed and for it to have more protection for the urban forest and the ecosystem in the Baylands and the hills.

Trees must be vigorously protected as to the reasons I mentioned in the above answer. Urban Forest should be a part of the carbon sequestration.

Sustainability has its faults, such as failing to recognize that replacing existing buildings with green buildings and ignoring the carbon footprint of demolition of a building and the carbon footprint of building a new building. There is also a carbon footprint to the shipping of the concrete, sand mining and the costs. This is just one example of “sustainability” not fully being environmentally conscious.

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