Dewatering & ADU's

There are two critical items coming to Council on Tuesday, March 7th, 2017.

6:15pm – Dewatering

You may have received the parcel tax ballot measure for Storm Drain Management. While I have endorsement this parcel tax because our storm drains are in dire need of repairs and renovation, I find that the storm drains are being misused by those properties that are pumping a city resource, water, into the storm drains and directly into the bay. What a waste!

In a letter to Council, Bob Wenslau writes “One inequity is obvious to me:  through the parcel measure citizens are imposed a fee to build green infrastructure to recharge shallow groundwater, but those pumping shallow groundwater for a construction project do not pay a fee for the same water they remove.  A large group of citizens put money into our water bank, a small group robs it.”

For more background information on dewatering, check out Doug Moran’s blog


8:30pm – Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) ordinance

While State law again has made a blanket law allowing ADUs in municipalities without review or study as to the cumulative impacts to a neighborhood/town/city, we should be cautious as to impacts to safety within a neighborhood, parking space availability in neighborhoods, short term rentals, use of the owner for their own needs and not to provide housing supply, for more information, check out Doug Moran’s blog

Of particular concern are the already heavily impacted areas in which newly built ADUs and JADUs are allowed and parking is exempt. Here are the areas in which parking is exempt.

Red circle shows area within 0.75 miles of a Caltrain.

Green circle shows area within 0.50 miles of public transit.

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