Your endorsement is important to me, and to undecided voters...

When I look at many candidates’ list of endorsements, I see the names of prominent people. It's easy to forget to ask why these people have endorsed that specific candidate. For example, the owner of large commercial properties likely has different priorities from the typical homeowner or renter. Then there are officials and others from outside Palo Alto. Are their communities facing similar problems? Do they know the endorsed candidate from working together to find mutual solutions? Or, could they just be swapping endorsements?

Before I was elected, I attended candidate events where many -- sometimes the majority -- of attendees were not Palo Alto residents but were officials and representatives of different interest groups. The disproportionate length of the introductions vs. the time spent discussing the issues caused me to wonder if these “important people”, rather than residents, had the candidate’s ear.

I am seeking your endorsement. The centerpiece of my campaign is what I have done and can do for Palo Alto residents. What better way to convince undecided voters than having endorsements from a wide range of residents, thereby showing my deep connection with the entire community. It may help convince the undecided voter, who may be your friend or neighbor, to take a closer look at what I stand for.

Thank you for your endorsement and your trust.

Honorary Chairs:

Neilson Buchanan   Doug Moran
Hon. Mike Cobb, Former Palo Alto Mayor   Nelson Ng
Lenore Cymes   Christian Pease
Hon. Tom DuBois, Palo Alto Vice Mayor   Hon. Enid Pearson, Former Palo Alto Council Member
Annette Glanckopf   Bob Philips
Dr. Maurice Green   Nancy Pliebel
Joe & Bette Hirsch   Hon. Emily Renzel, Former Palo Alto Council Member
Hon. Karen Holman, MROSD Pres & Former Palo Alto Mayor   Beth and Peter Rosenthal
Don Jackson   Annette Ross
Arthur Keller   Pat and Tom Sanders
Mark Landesmann   Carol Scott
Jennifer Landsman   Dr. Alan & Mary Seid
Jeff Levinsky   William and Ingrid Shu
Karen and Paul Machado   Doria Summa, Planning and Transportation Commissioner
Elaine Meyers   Kimberley Wong
    Darlene Yaplee

Campaign Manager - Rita Vrhel

Campaign Treasurer - Hon. Greg Schmid, Former Palo Alto Vice Mayor


David Bower • Debra Cen • Michael Eager• Jeanne Fleming • Hamilton Hitchings • Ingrid Lai • Jo Ann Mandinach • Kris Miller • Karen Porter • Dr. Sam and Daryl Savage

Will you endorse?