I am seeking YOUR endorsement. The centerpiece of my campaign is what I have done and can do for Palo Alto residents. What better way to convince undecided voters than having endorsements from a wide range of residents, thereby showing my deep connection with the entire community. It may help convince the undecided voter, who may be your friend or neighbor, to take a closer look at what I stand for.

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Thank you for your endorsement and your trust.

Lydia Kou is one of the hardest-working councilmembers this city has ever had.  She is totally committed to Palo Altans and takes on hard, unglamorous problems like Aircraft Noise that many others would skirt.  Lydia is deeply engaged with our community and unstintingly puts in the time and sweat equity that it takes to do the job right.  I am really happy Lydia is on our council; she is a Resident's Councilmember, and we are lucky to have her here in Palo Alto.

Eric Filseth, former Mayor

Honorary Chairs:

Neilson Buchanan   Doug Moran
Hon. Mike Cobb, Former Palo Alto Mayor   Nelson Ng
Lenore Cymes   Hon. Enid Pearson, Former Palo Alto Council Member
Hon. Tom DuBois, Palo Alto Vice Mayor   Christian Pease
Eric Filseth, Council Member, Former Palo Alto Mayor   Bob Philips
Annette Glanckopf   Nancy Pleibel
Dr. Maurice Green   Hon. Emily Renzel, Former Palo Alto Council Member
Joe & Bette Hirsch   Beth and Peter Rosenthal
Hon. Karen Holman, MROSD Pres & Former Palo Alto Mayor   Annette Ross
Jordan Jackson   Pat and Tom Sanders
Arthur Keller   Carol Scott
Mark Landesmann   Dr. Alan & Mary Seid
Jennifer Landesmann   William and Ingrid Shu
Jeff Levinsky   Doria Summa, Planning and Transportation Commissioner
Karen and Paul Machado   Kimberley Wong
Elaine Meyer    Darlene Yaplee

Campaign Manager - Rita Vrhel

Campaign Treasurer - Hon. Greg Schmid, Former Palo Alto Vice Mayor



Donald Anderson • Fred Balin & Ann LaFargue Balin • Jamie Barnett • Tricia Barr • Marilyn Bauriedel • Margaret Faith Bell • Alan Bennett • Keith & Atsuko Bennett • Steve Bisset • David Bower • Geneva Briggs • Davina Brown • Sarah Burgess • Patrick Butler • Debra Cen • Ronald Chun • Jim Colton • Barb Cooley • Janet DaFoe • Carl Darling • Michael Eager • Soroor Ebnesajjad • Steve Farmer • Janie Farn • Margaret Feuer • Len Filppu • Diane Finkelstein • Ruth Fisher • Jeanne Fleming • Jennifer Fryhling • Mary Gallagher • Tay Gallagher • Pria Graves • Jeff Greenfield • Ann Gregory • Stephanie Grossman • John Guislin • Dr. Bonnie Halpern-Felsher • Nancy Hamilton • Hamilton Hitchings • Lynn Hollyn • Ian Irwin • CeCi Kettendorf • Irene Kim • Carol Kiparsky • Tomas Kong • Knute Kresie • Ingrid Lai • Lisa Berkowitz Landers • Karen Latchford • Leon Leong • Irene Lloyd • Gwen Luce • Igor Makasyuk • Sean Maloney • Jo Ann Mandinach • Shannon McEntee • Andy Miksztal • Kris Miller • Mark Nadim • Nadia Naik • Faisal Ojjeh • Jaya Pandey • Lorraine Parker • Thomas Pencek • Ann Pianetta • Francis Polansky, M.D. • Karen Porter • Chris RobellMary Robell • Mary Ann Roberts • William Ross • Simran Sandhu • Dr. Sam and Daryl Savage • Jaclyn Schrier • Judith Schwartz • Laura Seitel • Pankaj Shah • Kumaran Siva • Randall South • Martha Boyle Stevenson • Eileen Stolee • Kenneth Streib • James Sun • Carol Tannenwald • Laszlo Tokes • Cindy Tomooka • Sandy Voorhees • Jean Wang • Alice Woo • Karlette Warner • Deborah Wexler • Karen White • Rene Wood • Jean Wren • Sidney Xu • Neva Yarkin • Lucy Yuan • Zita Zukowsky • Jonathan Zweig 


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