Environmental work

What are the principal areas of the environment that you will work on if elected?  How will you deal with them?

I would support Canopy. Protecting all trees. Encourage more parks and open space.

Palo Alto is currently working on the Urban Forest Master plan and Parks Master plan and will be reviewed soon. I plan to be involved and monitor its implementation, progress and maintenance. 

Palo Alto’s Sustainability and Climate Action plan (S-CAP) is still been developed and I will be monitoring and working on it for its completion. I support that and if there are conflicts and I will work with the community to resolve it.

Transportation is a big issue. As a member of the citizen’s advisory committee of the Comprehensive Plan update, I will continue to work on the transportation that protects and preserves the quality of life and the environment.

Affordability: I see that as an environment issue as people are displaced. I have been in strong support and continued to support saving Buena Vista Mobile Home Park. I was the only one in the 2014 election during the PAN City Council Candidate forum to introduce that the City should purchase the Buena Vista mobile home park and have Palo Alto Housing Corporation to manage the property.

Sea level rise:  I support efforts to restore wet lands and protect the levees.

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