Describe your personal experience with Palo Alto City government and recent issues that have come before public hearings at the city council or other board and commissions. What was your role? (For example, did you send an email, speak to the Council, lead a group of citizens, etc.?) How extensively were you involved?

1. I am currently serving as a Citizen Advisory Committee member to update the Comprehensive plan. The plan is visionary and the primary tool to provide guidance for making long term choices for the City’s future as well as policies to guide day to day decisions. I am one of the 24 citizens and we meet once a month to discuss and to make provide comments. I am also on the following Citizen Advisory element Sub-committees:
▪ Community Services and Facilities
▪ Transportation
▪ Safety and Noise
▪ Governance
▪ Implementation Plan
▪ Housing Representatives to the City Council

2. City of Palo Alto Emergency Preparedness program - My many years of work on Emergency Preparedness provide me multiple categories of experiences that will be valuable when I am on Council:
▪ Working with individual members of the community to create a large-scale volunteer effort and then to keep those community members engaged.
▪ Working with other Non-government and government organizations active in this area.
▪ Working with City Staff and Council on the day-to-day aspects of this issue.
▪ Driving a radical change in the City's policy on this issue.

I have spoken at Council retreat to encourage continuing Emergency Preparedness as one of the priorities to focus and to give attention to for the year. I have also spoken at Policies and Services to request support for a citywide event/exercise that simulated having to live in tents after a disaster and the use of a public park.

3. I have spoken before Planning and Transportation Commission (PTC) and City Council stating my concerns and neighbors’ concerns about a high density development that was going to be built in the neighborhood and on a street that is designated a Safe Route to Schools street which hundreds of children use.

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