City Staff Recommendation: Increase Population

On the September 14th, 2020 meeting during the Verbal Update and Possible Direction to Staff on COVID-19 related to Business Recovery Efforts, the Assistant Director of Planning and Development, Rachael Tanner,  presented the Long-Term and Large-Scale Recovery Strategies, including –

  1. Increase local customer base by growing the city’s population and by planning for more walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods with housing, retail, and services (e.g., NVCAP, Downtown Plan, El Camino Real, etc.)
  2. Support experience retail through destinations and place marking in downtown and other shopping districts.
  3. Retain major employers, producers, and start-ups to continue drawing workers to Palo Alto.

Watch City Staff comments, the long term strategies which the City Manager proposes growing Palo Alto’s populations and consideration to adjust ground floor retail preservation. A copy of the full presentation is available.