Jobs/Housing Imbalance

Office creation is outpacing housing development. Please address:

  • How much, where and what kind of office space can Palo Alto sustain?
  • Do you support extending the annual office space development cap?
  • Should the City consider placing a moratorium on new office development?

Annual office space development cap: Yes, I will strongly support and I want to see the annual office development limit to expand citywide and include Stanford Research Park. Not just to slow growth but to allow time to react to changing circumstances.

Lots of overlap with other questions, so an outline of the major points:

Categories of office space

  • Big companies: Research Park and other commercial zones
    • Mistake to allow Palantir – and Facebook before it – to dominate University Ave downtown
  • Medium and small businesses
  • Growing companies, such as startups
  • Companies serving local businesses and residents (CPAs, lawyers, Realtors…) versus companies designing and producing products for widespread sale/usage.

Pressures on housing

  • Growth in total square footage of commercial space in Palo Alto
  • Increase in employee density in existing buildings: 250-350 sq.ft./employee becomes <100 sq.ft.
  • Conversions to office space: legal and not
  • Massive increases in office space in neighboring cities, current and planned
    • Menlo Park: Facebook
    • Mountain View:
      • Greater San Antonio Center (including old Safeway site and Target)
      • East Bayshore

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