Major Issues

What do you regard as the major environmental and conservation issues facing Palo Alto and the Bay Area as a whole?

  • Growth:  should be managed in a way that provides/preserves community, environment and quality of life. We are in a time with a lot of environment and climate change, some we have control over and some that we have little. Growth is also a State concern and State should be managing growth by helping cities that do not have economic vitality to become destination locations and incentivize companies to locate and provide jobs to those cities. 
  • Sea level rise: ensuring restoration and preservation of the marshlands and levees to avoid floods.
  • Drought issues: conserve, reserve and recycle. Storm management on site. Ground water recharge.
  • Air quality: vigorously protect and plant more trees to help in the fight against GHG emissions.
  • Trees: as Palo Alto has intensified with present growth, trees are been affected negatively. It is visible that many are dying or have been killed or have died. Trees provide both public health benefits, as well as, social benefits. Some tree benefits:
    • Trees take in carbon dioxide and produces oxygen (clean air).
    • Tree help trap dust, pollen and smoke from the air (cleans air).
    • Trees provide important habitats for birds, animals and insects.
    • Trees provides cooling.
    • Trees reduces surface water runoff and decreases soil erosion.
    • Trees have many social benefits as well, it provides us with color, flowers, fruits. It provides beauty with it leaves, trunk and provides serenity, peace and tranquility. Trees can separate and define space for privacy or to screen unattractive views.

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