PA Weekly Endorsement

A Heartfelt Endorsement

“I donated $50 even though I'm not a Palo Alto resident -- I can't yet afford it. I live at Moffett Field in Mountain View, however my kids go to Silicon Valley International School in Palo. I also am a tenant at the Palo Alto Airport and my wife and I are the founders of Palo Alto Potions, a new cleaning products company. We'd love to open a retail location in Palo Alto (since our company is named after the town!) However, it's impossibly expensive. All of the big name tech companies drive up the retail and commercial rents, making it impossible for our little self-funded family business to even have a chance to get a spot on University.

We also would like to move our small production facility to Palo Alto, but again, it's impossibly expensive. Instead, we're even considering Nevada for production because it's seemingly out of reach to even run our business locally. A shame really. Hopefully you can keep people like me in mind as you draft policy proposals. Slow growth should favor local small businesses, not billion dollar tech.

What I hope for you:

  1. Please support incentives for small business retail, especially shops with only 0-3 locations.
  2. Please support the Palo Alto Airport. It's a community treasure. I'm part of the California Disaster Air Response Team out of the Palo airport as well as doing AngelFlight trips from the airport. I also learned to fly there. If you want some insight or to reach out to me on anything airport-related, please let me know! We love the airport and we are appreciative of your support. Even better, I'd be glad to spearhead some STEM/aviation programs for local students if there's interest. Let's really embrace the value of the airport for all of the community, not just us pilots.
  3. Please oppose partisan "endorsements" and other "gestures" supporting particular national political issues. For example, while I support equal opportunities, I don't support placating radical organizations of any political stripe. Let's keep Palo focused on our local community and leave the big national debates elsewhere.
  4. Please be strong in the face of opposition. You are a leader -- be fearless!

Thank you.”

Brian Dear

Palo Alto Weekly Endorsement

lydia_kou_200x250.jpgDear Palo Altans,

I am pleased to have received the endorsement of the Palo Alto Weekly.

The Weekly stated that I am

"a passionate advocate for maintaining the residential character of Palo Alto"


"More than others, Kou has been a councilmember for the majority of those residents who don't have connections at City Hall and who feel underrepresented."

– "Palo Alto Weekly Editorial: October 2, 2020".

Thank you Palo Alto Weekly for your endorsement and for recognizing my commitment to the residents of Palo Alto.

And this is in addition to the prestigious endorsement by the Loma Prieta Chapter of the Sierra Club, which said:

"She looks at things from several angles and often seeks improvement before acceptance."

I believe the role of government is to improve the lives of its residents, not just through its services, but through the many other elements that make a community. These include our community-serving businesses and businesses that provide jobs and tax revenues.

My core platform has been to listen, to understand, and to represent.:

  • You the voter.
  • You the resident.
  • Not developers.
  • Not special interests.

I believe a Council member needs to listen to the many different perspectives and values of Palo Alto's residents and the other members of our community. To ask questions and understand what is being said. Then to ensure all are being fairly represented in the decision-making process.

I am a candidate of balance. Not just the jobs/housing balance, but also for balancing the infrastructure and services created by those jobs and needed by new residents.

My emphasis is on providing additional housing for Palo Alto's lower income, essential workers to create an inclusive and balanced community. Palo Alto will become "richer" by providing a home for a diverse ethnic and socio-economic population.

In addition to my advocacy for producing more low-income housing, I also fought to protect and preserve the 75+ units of affordable housing at the President Hotel. Unfortunately, I was in the minority.

If you think Palo Alto needs inclusionary housing developments – Below Market Rate (BMR) housing –included in every development going forward, I am your candidate.

If you think Palo Alto needs to preserve our Parks and especially our open space, I am your candidate.

And the Sierra Club's: "…strong concern for the natural environment…"

If you think a balanced approach between housing, community-serving retail, and office development and natural environment would benefit Palo Alto, I am your candidate.

If you want a Council member who will continue to fight Sacramento and un-elected regional organizations and their grab to control our land use and local zoning and housing codes, I am your candidate.

If you want a Council member with extensive volunteer service to Palo Alto and deep roots in the community, I am your candidate.

I hope I have earned your confidence and vote. Please vote in this important election.



Please help me win re-election by:

To continue to represent you and speak out for balanced growth and resident’s rights, I need to win re-election. And to win, I need more than just your vote – I need your support now.

A donation of any amount would be greatly appreciatedDONATE.png


Request a lawn sign LAWN-SIGN.png   and endorse me  ENDORSE.png


Most important of all, send an email to 10 of your friends, discuss my candidacy, accomplishments, suggest a donation to my campaign and ask them to join us. JOIN-US.png

The future of Palo Alto may be decided in November; will PA remain a suburban city or become a highly densified area? The choice and vote are yours. Thank you.