These are Q&A from the different forums during the 2014 campaign. Many of my answers reflect my beliefs today.  This section is a work-in-progress that will continue expanding until Election Day. If what is here now doesn't answer your questions, please come to one of my events, or check back here later.

To get to know me, it would be best to meet, however, if that is not possible, then I encourage you to read my biography under the About Me tab. It is much more than a resumé: It explains why I am running and covers key formative experiences. It gives insight into my values and I hope it gives you confidence that you can trust me.

Palo Alto Neighborhoods (PAN)

Responses to Candidate Questionnaire:

My closing statement at forum (video, @ 1:56:34)

League of Women Voters of Palo Alto

Questions on Issues from my profile at SmartVoter.org

  1. How would you balance neighborhood and city-wide concerns?
  2. Palo Alto and surrounding communities are under economic pressure to grow and environmental pressures to live and work closer together. How do you envision Palo Alto responding to these pressures?
  3. What proposals do you have to alleviate the traffic and parking situation in Palo Alto?

My closing statement at forum (video, @ 23:00)

I adhere to the State of California's Code of Fair Campaign Practices: My signed form (PDF)

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