Rail Crossings Grade Separation

The potential of home/property takings by eminent domain has been taken off the table for the Churchill, East Meadow and Charleston areas. Residents should continue to monitor and to be aware and hold Council and City Staff to task on ensuring that there will be absolutely no property takings.

You should be aware of the following possibilities, even though staff report indicates “return to Council with a report on the impacts…”;

  1. Street Closure at Churchill Avenue (full or partial) – commit to adopt appropriate mitigations to address diverted and additional traffic on Embarcadero Road and minimizing cut through traffic into the adjacent neighborhoods.
  2. Street Closure at Palo Alto Avenue – build a bike/pedestrian crossing undercrossing and widen University Avenue.
  3. Loma Verde Avenue – build a bike/pedestrian crossing to connect Margarita Avenue. Will there be home/property takings by eminent domain?




Hybrids for the East Meadow Drive and Charleston Road


Both hybrid methods do have impacts --

  • Driveway impact to a property at the corner of E. Meadow Drive and Alma, potential loss of parking spaces and need for re-grading.
  • Removal of all to most existing trees.
  • Noise impacts (freight train, motorcycles, construction trucks, cars, etc.)
  • Visual/aesthetic impacts.
  • Air quality and particulates impacts.
  • Grade level may not be conducive for walking and bicycling.

Rail Corridor Grade Separation Citizen Advisory Panel (CAP) comprising of residents, while late in the forming, has finally been formed. Thank you to everyone who submitted an application and if you were not selected by the City Manager, please do continue to be involved in engagement and providing your input at the CAP meetings.


            Citizen Advisory Panel (CAP)





Mandar Borkar



Gregory Brail

Duveneck/St. Francis


Phil Burton

St. Clair Gardens


Tony Carrasco

Palo Alto Orchards


Inyoung Cho



Kari Hodgson



Megan Kanne



Pat Lau

University South


Christine Logan



Nadia Naik

Old Palo Alto


Parag Patkar

Charleston Meadow


David Shen

Old Palo Alto


The CAP’s specific tasks would include:

  • Receive briefings on technical areas
  • Connect and outreach to community members
  • Receive project updates
  • Review and suggest edits to project outreach materials
  • Review and suggest strategies regarding funding opportunities and constraints
  • Disseminate accurate information, ensure community is well informed about alternatives

Rail meeting dates –

  • The newly formed Community Advisory Panel (CAP) will be meeting on September 17, 2018.
  • Tentatively, the next Council Rail committee meeting is on September 26, 2018 at 8:00 a.m. Agenda can be located here https://www.cityofpaloalto.org/gov/agendas/hsrs.asp

Visit the Rail Corridor’s new webpage https://pagradesep.com/ .  Sign up to receive emails with updates and meeting dates at the top “Contact” tab.

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