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What are the top three goals you want to achieve in the next four years on the city council?

I regard a city’s first obligation is to its residents, they are the heart and soul of Palo Alto.

I will focus on the following that is related to preserving the quality of life for residents:

1. Land use decisions and street capacity (mobility and circulation) must be considered together. Therefore information must be based on relevant and factual traffic analysis and studies to determine baselines and thresholds. It must include cumulative impacts of each development and assesses of downstream impacts as well.

2. Discourage exceptions and push for code enforcement for developments which can provide for consistency in planning. With consistency, the planning process can be streamlined and both developers and residents have better understanding of what to expect.

3. Vigorously protect and preserve Palo Alto’s family-oriented community with unique neighborhoods, high quality schools, beautiful parks and open space and community services for all residents.

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