Single Family Individual Review (includes SSO, Eichler preservation)

Please address:

  • What type of design guidelines should be developed to preserve neighborhood character?
  • Is the current process working?
  • If so, give examples. If not, what should be changed?

As stated in the Zoning Code, the goals and purposes of the City’s discretionary Individual Review intended to mitigate the effects of second story construction on neighboring home and to:

  • Promote new construction that is compatible with existing residential neighborhoods (Eichler neighborhood)
  • Encourage respect for the surrounding context in which residential construction and alteration takes place
  • Foster consideration of neighbors’ concerns with respect to privacy, scale and massing, and streetscape
  • Enable the emergence of new neighborhood design patterns that reflect awareness of each property’s effect upon neighboring properties

Some thoughts on this –

  1. I think the applicant and their architect can make a big difference by starting a conversation with neighbors and their design and plans well before plans are submitted to the city.
  2. The preliminary IR review must delineate the fine line of becoming a design review and then, become massive and expensive changes for the applicant.
  3. Lack of follow through from the City inspections to ensure compliance by applicant of what was negotiated and agreed upon by the neighbor affected and applicant.

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