What is the most important aspect of the City’s upcoming negation with Stanford regarding its General Use Permit?

I was not involved in city-wide politics during the last Stanford GUP, nor have I yet heard any significant discussion of the upcoming one.

Stanford has an even worse jobs-housing imbalance than Palo Alto. Although recent projects to provide more housing for graduate students and staff are welcome, the expected job increases and how to mitigate/offset their impacts should be a major concern.

Although Stanford has an aggressive Transportation Demand Management program, we need to be concerned about limits and diminishing returns. For example, a major component has been incentivizing Caltrain usage, but Caltrain is reported to be already operating near capacity during peak hours.

The multi-year controversy over the Stanford Trail is a reminder to carefully explore what Stanford thinks it is agreeing to and not to stop at what we believe that it has agreed to. Perhaps, negotiations should include -

  • the integration of the City’s shuttle program with Stanford Marguerite Shuttle,
  • create a public/private joint venture with Stanford utilizing their resources to help establish a shovel ready solution for Caltrain grade separation,
  • funding pedestrian crossings at places such as at Embarcadero and Palo Alto High School and opening pedestrian and bicycle pathways at Stanford Research Park to different parts of town.

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