Sustainable Land Use

In light of Palo Alto’s recognized jobs/housing imbalance, what long-range strategies do you envision to bring about a more balanced ratio?

Stop the imbalance by limiting office, research and development developments by lowering the allowable building square footage limit/cap per year, and expanding the limit/cap to encompass the entire city of Palo Alto and extending the time period for the limit/cap to another 3 years when the interim time period expires.

Meanwhile, focus building meaningful and purposeful housing/multi-housing for service workers who are essential to keeping Palo Alto a town socio-economically diverse. For example, workers who are staff and nurses who are employed at senior facilities.

I would also consider studying areas, especially along transportation corridors where higher density could be considered. For examples, Fry’s area concept plan where there may be more flexibility for building and parkland. 

Increase the percentage of BMR units and ensure availability for the low low income use and there must not be displacement. 

What types of development conditions (for example: Residential Parking Permit Programs [RPPP] to reduce redundant parking and Transportation Demand Management programs [TDM] to reduce automobile congestion) would you support to reduce land waste, unit cost and auto dependency in the vicinity of new multi-unit housing proposals? 

Increase walkability for all (which includes people with functional needs). Sidewalks must be aesthetically inviting, making wider sidewalks, inclusion of trees for shade, benches. Seek out pathways for shared uses for pedestrians, people with functional needs and bicyclists. 

What is your view of recent debates about development in Palo Alto?  What developments do you think the city should prioritize and which should be discouraged?

Palo Alto is described as a vibrant business park and I find that our town’s character has been changed with less focus on its residents’ quality of life and its natural resources.  Palo Alto’s roads cannot be widened, yet it has all kind of conceivable uses imposed on it for SOV reductions, however, that goal ignores the health and safety concerns. If accomplishing one goal but it deteriorates another, then it is not a success.

With our jobs to housing exasperated in the last decade, I would encourage that the city focus on building housing purposefully and responsibility for the low low income and for the service workers much needed in Palo Alto along arterial streets which does not have school children bicycle/pedestrian traffic.

I would discourage buildings that does not provide sufficient parking space for its users and public parking.

I would discourage office buildings that do not have solar power generation.

I would discourage buildings that are harmful to migratory birds and other wildlife.

I would discourage buildings are not compatible in mass, design and height with its neighboring buildings.

I would encourage commercial landowners and developers to being good community stewards and partner with the community to enhance quality of life for the community they operate business in.

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