What types of transportation projects would you support locally and regionally to provide people with an alternative to the private auto?

I support more coordinated, frequent and convenient public shuttles within the city of Palo Alto. Stanford University’s Marguerite shuttles should partner with Palo Alto’s shuttle to deliver coordinated and efficient services. Since Stanford Research Park does contribute to circulation and mobility issues, it should consider expanding their Marguerite services to all of Palo Alto. Marguerite services are free, that helps with encouraging people to use public transportation.

Many agencies do not work well with each other and regard each other as competition. Marguerite should have common management with the city shuttle so that they can coordinate and work together efficiently.

Regionally, CalTrain must provide for grade separation in order not to further exasperate traffic congestion especially with electrification.

VTA must continue its 35 and 88 bus lines.

Dumbarton Rail should be revisited and restarted; it is another method for workers from the East Bay. Ferry to Redwood City is feasible only if it does not harm wildlife or marshlands.

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