What Traffic?

Dear Palo Altans,

I would like to share this email from a couple of Crescent Park residents with you. It was posted to the Crescent Park Neighborhood email list-serv.


We listened carefully to the recording of Mayor Kniss at Council on Monday night where she essentially denied that we have traffic problems in Palo Alto. Astounding!

This appears to be willful ignorance of the many issues residents live with due to congested traffic. Her view might be considered a part of her support for commercial interests who want to continue growing commercial activity in and around downtown.

We think everyone in Crescent Park should be aware of the mayor’s views:

  • She states that traffic is not significant problem
  • Her view is in direct conflict with years of Citizens’ Survey results where traffic is rated a top concern
  • She trivializes the work of residents to address traffic congestion and safety issues near downtown
  • She recommends that drivers use residential streets like Channing if University is busy

The mayor did say that residents could email her if they find traffic to be a problem. May we suggest you let her know your views and help her understand that we expect our mayor to have a better grasp of the growing traffic impacts we face in Palo Alto.   [email protected]

John Guislin & Greg Welch


“OK I'm just going to make a couple of comments and one of them is about traffic.”

“And, like most of you I drive a lot. And one of the things that I found really puzzling is about a month ago when I needed to leave town and get out on the freeway and I’ve heard how often University is jammed or Oregon may be jammed, there are other routes you can take. I happened to take Channing. I took it at 5 o’clock one day and it was about the same as if I had taken it at 1 o’clock in the afternoon.”

“I think some of our reports of traffic are really exaggerated."

"The same with Alma. I drive Alma…(addresses noise in the audience).. I have not discovered this so if some of you have this experience recently… you know, send me an email or something like that.”

“But I think if you are willing to try alternate routes - not go your normal route  - I think you’ll find that the traffic is not as overwhelming as you might think.

We are here on the corner of Hamilton and Ramona and Forest as so forth. I seldom walk out and see any real traffic.”

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