Integrating nature and habitat into the City is important to the Sierra Club. Would you support programs to protect open space and parks in the City, plant more oaks and other native trees, protect stream corridors and require that buildings incorporate measures to protect birds from collision with glass?

I support enthusiastically. I live in Barron Park and the neighborhood association which I was a board member and the residents has maintained the rural feel and we have a wild life corridor along Matadero Creek where we have seen egrets, herons and even pelicans. Every spring the neighborhood gets an alert to be aware that mommy duck is out with her many ducklings trailing her and maybe walking on a street so to drive slow.

Would you support development of a Bird Safe Buildings ordinance?
Yes, I would support an ordinance for bird safe buildings. Modern glass architecture is harmful to birds and I would want to have a lights out program for minimizing light pollution and attracting birds to the location.

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